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Thursday, September 10, 2009

DC Staging

After one cancelled flight, two gate changes and a delayed arrival courtesy of United Airlines I'm in DC for our staging prior to heading down to Peru.  I brought 1 bag with clothes, one backpack with camping gear and books, and a carry on.  I kind of feel like I overpacked but being 6'6" with a size 14 shoe I figured I'm a bit outside that 3rd standard deviation down there and would have a hell of a time finding stuff that fits.

Peru 14, my training group, is 57 people strong and seems like a great bunch.  Most of the group is younger and graduated from college fairly recently.  I looked around for the retirees and other mid-career folks but there are none apparently making me the old man of the bunch.

We had a 4 hour orientation where we got to know each other, went over some of the basics and expectations, and filled out paperwork.  I though we were going to get shots today but we get that when we get in country.

We're staying in a hotel tonight and head out tomorrow.  Somehow I got a room to myself.  Alot of folks went out for dinner but I stayed in to rest up, tie up some loose ends, call home, and enjoy some "me time"  (which meant eating McDonalds and watching Bikini Destinations, uh, I mean football.)

I also fiddled around with my very first Ipod given to me by Adam, Alli, Laurie, Jonas, G, and Patty.  Pretty damn sweet.  Thanks gang!

Well, tomorrow's the big day.  We arrive in Lima at around 10pm and drive out to some kind of resort for a 2 day retreat.

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