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Saturday, September 19, 2009


Apart from the I-pod I got from the gang, another gift I received (stole more like) is a map of the Lincoln Park/Lakeview/Wrigleyville neighborhoods on a soft rag that Jeb used to clean his glasses with.  Maybe it cost him 10 bucks but it’s a piece of home for me.  I look at the map and here is the Lincoln Park Zoo and I’m riding my bicycle between the lagoon and the zoo on my way to play softball with the Bangers at South Grant Park.  I flip it over and here are Wrigleyville and Lakeview and I’m walking down
Clark Street
and pop into Sluggers for a quick one from the other Sexy Johnny before the game.

And up to Clark and Addison to beautiful Wrigley Field, buy my score card from old man John and the great times, sunny days, cold ass opening days, heartbreak, and joy.  And here’s Belmont Harbor and I’m running along the lake past the dog beach and up to Hollywood and back, long run on a Sunday morning.  And down Melrose chasing after rats with Buddy and hangin’ with my girl.  And south on Broadway, along the route of the Pride Parade.  Then the flower shop that used to be a gyros place open till 4am.  Past Intelligencia, study, study, study, and of course a stop into Murphy’s for a brew or two and a good laugh. 

Texas is a state of mind but Chicago is my home.

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